Sullivan's Island Creatures

New photographs from Sullivan’s Island and The Isle of Palms, which is near Charleston, South Carolina. Sullivan’s is a beautiful historic island that is known for Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Gold Bug”. Poe set the story on the island because he knew it well….he was stationed on the island at Fort Moultrie while enlisted in the Army. If you stand at Moultrie’s shoreline you can see Fort Sumter (famous for the very first shots of the American Civil War). I think you could probably swim from one Fort to the other if you were in decent shape. I recommend visiting the Forts and getting some information from the Park Rangers…very helpful. Here are a few of my masked photos from the trip.

Goldbug Mask

Goldbug Mask

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Bandelier National Monument Artist-In-Residency

I was honored to be selected as an Artist-In-Residence at Bandelier National Monument (New Mexico) for the first two weeks of October. This is my fifth park residency since 2016. During the residency I lived in the park, held demonstrations, and (of course) modeled my masks in the beautiful park. Bandelier is a gorgeous place with a rich Native American history. I also enjoyed exploring Santa Fe and nearby Los Alamos. I highly recommend the residency!

Bandelier AIR Selection Committee Chair  Carolyn Florek with Jym.

Bandelier AIR Selection Committee Chair Carolyn Florek with Jym.

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